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Protecting Your Home With Gutter Guards

When it comes to home maintenance, gutter guards have quickly become a popular addition for homeowners needing an option to protect their homes from the wear and tear caused by water damage. These handy features come in various materials and designs to prevent leaves, debris, pests, and ice dams from building up within gutters. Despite their growing popularity, there are still questions surrounding their effectiveness.

Do Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?

Ice dams occur in colder climates when snow accumulates on rooftops and then gradually melts due to the warmth of the house's interior. The melted snow travels down the slopes of the roof only to refreeze when it gets to cooler areas of the roof. This causes water buildup behind it as an ice dam that traps any further melting snow until it seeps under your shingles or eave edges.

Most gutter guards have explicit features to prevent freezing water from getting trapped within gutters. This reduces the risk of significant ice dam formation altogether. Such guards typically have a mesh or perforated surface, which allows water and accumulated melted snow to drain through while keeping a sufficient barrier against solid debris.

What Are The Best Materials For Gutter Guard Construction?

Different materials can be used in gutter guard construction, including aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or vinyl, and copper. For instance, aluminum guards offer durability and rust resistance at a cost-effective price. However, they are prone to denting or bending over time. In contrast, stainless steel guards, while sturdy and long-lasting, may be expensive for some homeowners.

When considering the overall cost of the different gutter guard materials available, weighing price in conjunction with lifespan and low-maintenance needs is crucial. While a more expensive option initially may hurt the wallet upfront, their longevity could save homeowners money spent on repairs or replacements.

Do Gutter Guards Prevent Mosquitoes?

Gutters that accumulate standing water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of disease and other problems for your household.

A well-designed gutter guard system will allow rainwater to flow freely through gutters without impediments that encourage standing water formation likely to attract pests like mosquitoes. Customizing the gutter guards for your home can be one option for avoiding these hazards.

Can You Install Gutter Guards On Half-Round Gutters?

Half-round gutters hold both aesthetic appeal and practical drainage solutions. However, some homeowners may think that they cannot use gutter guards for their homes. Homeowners should opt for flexible, durable gutter guards that can be readily adapted or modified to fit their half-round gutters and accommodate proper drainage flow without creating any snags or blockages. 

For more info about gutter guards, contact a local company.