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How You Can Use Bamboo To Create More Privacy In Your Home

When it comes to privacy, many Americans take it very seriously. After all, making sure that your family and house are not being watched or ogled by anyone who wants to see them is one of your jobs as the homeowner. The trouble that many people have is trying to do this in a way that does not feel like you are creating a prison. That is why you should consider using bamboo—it is natural, looks great, and can do a great job when used properly. Here are a few ways bamboo can help provide privacy for your home and why you should consider it instead of a large fence.

Bamboo Grows Taller Than You Think

If you have never visited a bamboo nursery before, you might not realize just how big this species of grass can grow. The tallest type of bamboo can reach several stories high, but those are not useful for your purpose. You can find a lot of different bamboo that grows three, five, or even six yards tall, which is above and beyond what most people need, so make sure you choose a type that is going to stick within a range you are comfortable with. The experts at a plant nursery are better able to help tailor a type of bamboo to your needs.

Grows Close Together

The reason why bamboo is able to be used as a privacy screen instead of a tall fence is that it grows very tightly together, so tightly that it virtually acts as its own wall. Unlike many other types of tall plants, bamboo does not require a big space around it to grow; indeed, far from it. It also grows quite well in urban environments, and you don't need a lot of special conditions to make it flourish in your yard. Due to its hardiness and tall nature, bamboo makes the perfect shield from prying eyes.

More Comforting Than A Fence

No one likes to feel caged in, and bamboo helps reduce that feeling by replacing the tall fence you would ordinarily put up for privacy. You should still have a regular-sized fence as a marker of the boundary of your property, but as far as obstructing the view of those around you, bamboo works best. It also is a great feature for yourself to enjoy, as it creates a little oasis that no one can bother and that you can feel totally relaxed in. Add a little fountain water feature or a pool and you have a real jungle escape right in your own backyard.