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3 Ways An Electrician Can Improve Your Finished Basement

When you finish your basement is the perfect time to start using the space often with your family. Over time, you may have learned about where it shines and what it lacks. While you may enjoy the basement enough to use it regularly, you might know it has several flaws.

Sometimes, you must work on a few minor projects to improve the space and satisfy your family's needs. For instance, you can hire an electrician to help in various ways.


In your initial plans, you may have thought that putting a television on a TV stand and speakers on a floor would be enough. However, you might want more from your entertainment setup, especially knowing that you can turn the volume up without disturbing anyone upstairs. An electrician can mount a television on a wall and install surround sound speakers all around.

Putting speakers in strategic locations for optimal acoustics and concealing cables will lead to enjoyable viewing while keeping the basement attractive.


Spending time in the basement is the best way to learn about where you want or need electrical outlets. While you may appreciate the existing outlets, you may know that they could be positioned in a more strategic way to accommodate your family's needs better. The easiest solution is to add additional outlets where you know your family will use them regularly.

A smart move is to consider what you need the outlets for to pick the best spots. For instance, you might want outlets directly behind an entertainment center to conceal cables easily. This setup will also allow you to plug in a Blu-ray player and video game consoles without issues.


Most homeowners may add ample lighting when finishing their basement. While you may get a decent amount of lighting, you might find that it does not always work for your needs. A great example is having to choose between excessive light or none while watching movies.

This problem can happen when you lack dimming capabilities or smart features. Either option makes it possible to change a light's brightness until you are satisfied. An electrician can replace existing light bulbs and fixtures with ones that are compatible with these light types.

Another option is adding new light fixtures you can use while watching movies. Wall sconces can provide excellent lighting for a home theater setup where walkways are on the sides.

Hire an electrician to work on these kinds of projects to improve your finished basement.