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3 Ways To Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your New Home

Natural stone is making a comeback in interior design in a big way. As a tool to add texture and interest to your home, natural stone can really bring your builder-grade home from boring to elevated. But, where should you consider adding some natural stone into your home? 

Natural Stone Fireplace

If you want to add some of those natural elements into a focal point in your home, then why not choose your fireplace? One of the most popular trends right now in interior design is to take a natural stone, like limestone, and transform it into an entire fireplace mantle. The result? A beautiful mantelpiece that has a combination of European and traditional elements in it. 

If you want to have natural stone elements around your fireplace, but you don't want to spend the money on a huge mantlepiece, then consider going with a natural stone tile that goes around the fireplace instead. This will give you a similar look while staying on a budget. 

Natural Stone Flooring

While it has been popular to install solid wood flooring throughout an entire home, accent flooring in places like an entryway and mudroom is really popular right now in interior design. To help add that natural look that you are going for, consider having a natural stone tile laid. The great thing about natural stone flooring is that it gets more character as it ages and is used. For instance, if you put a natural, porous stone on the floors in your mudroom and it gets wet and mud on it, then it may leave a little bit of a stain on it. While some people may think this is a bad thing, it can actually help to add character and a unique look to the stone that will be just as unique to your house. 

Natural Stone Backsplash

Backsplash in a kitchen is one of the best ways to have a little bit of fun with texture, style, and design. If you are going for a more Mediterranean-inspired look or something that has earth tones in it, then skip the traditional marble and instead go with a  natural stone instead. Whether you choose a natural stone that's in a hexagon, herringbone, subway tile, or slab set, you are bound to make a huge impact that will have everyone drooling.

To learn a little bit more about natural stone, like McGee natural stone, contact a local supplier.