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Why Are Granite Kitchen Countertops So Popular Among Homeowners?

When building a new home, one of the most exciting aspects is getting to choose what material will be used for your kitchen countertops. For several years now, granite has been one of the top choices for kitchen countertops among homeowners. Granite has so many advantages and these are some of the reasons why it is so popular.

The Durability

Granite is one of the hardest surfaces on earth, which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops. It will not chip or scratch, and when sealed properly, it resists stains as well. Granite also can tolerate high temperatures easily. You can move a pot from the stove to the countertop and never have to worry that the finish will be damaged.

The Wide Variety of Colors

Granite is available in a vast array of colors and shades. Granite countertops can easily be coordinated to match floors, walls, and cabinets to give your kitchen a balanced finish. Or, you can choose a color of granite that is completely different from the rest of your kitchen to make your beautiful kitchen countertops the main focal point of the room.

The Resistance of Bacteria and Germs

Granite does not have a porous surface. Therefore, it has no tiny holes or cracks that can absorb germs, bacteria, dirt, or grime. Granite kitchen countertops can be wiped down easily after use and will maintain the same smooth finish throughout the lifetime of your home. 

The Totally Flat Surface

Another reason that granite is the perfect material for kitchen countertops is that it is a completely flat surface. For those who love to bake cookies, make homemade bread, or cook any foods from scratch, having a flat surface for food prep is a must. There is no more need to use a cutting board for rolling out biscuit dough.

Because of all of these advantages of having granite kitchen countertops, there is another huge advantage as well. Having granite kitchen countertops installed in your home can actually increase the value of the home. Even the value of an older home can increase substantially if granite countertops are installed. If you ever plan on selling your home, you will most likely get more money for it if it has granite countertops. This is because potential buyers know what they like and what they want in a home. This is especially true for those who normally spend lots of time in the kitchen.