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Three Tips For Maintaining Your Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a must for many homes, particularly if your property features heavy tree cover and a lot of debris. These guards are prized because they help keep the debris out of your gutters, which ensures that the moisture can continue to drain off your roof and away from your home safely. Although gutter guards do reduce gutter maintenance, they can't completely eliminate it. There is still some maintenance requirements for your new gutter guards.

1. Remove Seasonal Debris

Debris build-up on top of the guards is the biggest issue. During heavy rainfall, this isn't usually a problem simply because the force of the water will wash leaves and twigs off the top of the guards. Wind and light rainfall are more problematic since the debris can land on top of the guards but there isn't a strong enough water flow to wash it away. For this reason, it is a good idea to inspect the top of the guards at least once a season. You can usually rinse the debris off with a hose. If it has become baked on by the sun, use a stiff brush to lightly scrub off the leaves and other buildup on top of the guards.

2. Clean Off Sap Build Up

Sap can also be a problem on a gutter guard. Sap causes leaves and other small debris to become glued over the top of the guard, thus preventing water from flowing properly into your gutters. Short of removing the sap producing trees, there is no way to minimize sap on the gutters. Fortunately, mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol will wipe the sap right off. During your normal cleaning and inspection, simply use a rag and one of these dissolving liquids to wipe off the sap. Sap production is greatest in late winter and spring.

3. Inspect for Damages

Don't forget to include a damage inspection in your seasonal cleaning routine. Damages are most often caused in winter when ice formation on the roof and sliding snow may loosen a guard or cause one to warp. You can usually fix any damage easily by tightening or replacing the clip that holds the guard in place. If the guard has become badly damaged or cracked, then you may need to have it replaced. Check with your installer to see if the damage is covered by any warranties before purchasing a replacement.

For more help, contact a gutter guard service in your area.