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Are You Giving Your Living Room Furniture a New Look?

Were you lucky enough to inherit some fine furniture pieces? Or, it might be that your own furniture is of excellent quality, but it isn't in fabulous shape anymore. No matter the situation, maybe you have decided to give your living room furniture a new look. If you are confident in refinishing the furniture yourself, go for it. On the other hand, maybe you are afraid that you wouldn't do the refinishing job justice, especially since it is high-end furniture. Read on for some ideas that might help you.

Find a Business That Provides Professional Furniture Refinishing 

It's true that many businesses are closed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, you might find that some home refinishing services have found a way to still serve their clients since it will only be furniture that will be worked on.

If you find a furniture refinishing company, arrange for your living room furniture to be picked up at your own home. When the furniture reaches the refinishing facility, it will be carefully inspected. An agent will then speak with you on the phone to explain what needs to be done to each piece. At this time, you will more than likely be given an estimate of how much each piece will cost to refinish. For instance, if a chair needs replacement cane along with the refinishing process, that will add to the cost.

If reupholstery is an option, of course you will have to look at samples in order to select the fabric you want. Once the project is finished, the person who initially picks up the furniture will probably also bring the sample books at the same time. 

Decide on Changes You Want for the Refinishing Job

Maybe you want the refinishers to give the furniture the exact look it already has. On the other hand, you might want some changes to be made. For instance, you might be moving your rattan chairs from the indoor patio to the living room. If so, you might want the light wood finish to be replaced by a dark wood finish that could give the rattan chairs a more elegant look. If you are having an antique china cabinet refinished, you might want the old-fashioned hardware to be replaced with something more contemporary. 

Whatever you decide for the furniture refinishing, just make sure that you and the workers are on the same page. It might be a good idea to put everything in writing. Give the refinishers a copy and keep a copy for yourself. Learn more about the process by contacting a furniture refinishing service.