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3 Ways You Can Get Filtered Water in Your House

While drinking municipal tap water is safe, there are still certain elements like chlorine in your drinking water that you may not be too fond of consuming. When you have filtered water, it will remove the chlorine and other elements from your drinking water so that everything that you drink is as pure as possible. Rather than having to buy filtered water for your whole family, consider any of these three ideas to establish cleaner water in your home.

1. Drinking Fountain

One popular trend that a lot of home builders like is installing residential drinking fountains. Whether you put a drinking fountain in your home gym, your basement, or your mudroom, having a drinking fountain is a fun way for your family to always have access to filtered water when they are on the go. All you have to do is ensure that your drinking fountain is connected to a water filtration system rather than just to your main water line. 

2. Filtered Water in Your Refrigerator

Another great place that you can hook up a water filtration system is just inside of your refrigerator. Most refrigerators have a water dispenser in the door or inside of the fridge that's hooked up to a water filter. Typically, these water filters contain activated carbon in them which can help filter the water as it comes from the main waterline and through your refrigerator which leaves you with filtered drinking water. 

3. Filtered Tap Water

What if all of the water that came through your kitchen tap was filtered? When you connect your tap to a filtered water filtration system either underneath your sink or that's attached to your actual faucet, you can get clear, clean water every time that you turn it on. Typically, there will be some sort of chemicals in the filtration system that will be responsible for breaking up any particles in the tap water and filtering them through which will leave you with clean water every time you turn on the faucet. 

Having pure, clean, and safe drinking water is something that pretty much everyone wants. While municipal drinking water is safe, you may have more of a peace of mind if you have filtered water in your home instead. To learn more about drinking water systems and which ones will be good for your family, reach out to local services such as Oxley Softwater Co.