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A Canvas Canopy That Will Beautify And Protect

Are you limiting your outdoor reading sessions to early mornings and late evenings? If your home's wooden porch heats up quickly during the summer, you are sacrificing valuable square footage by not being able to utilize the outdoor feature. A canvas canopy that is suspended over your porch swing or couch will provide sufficient coverage from the sun. As a result, fabrics, metal frames, and wooden beams will stay cool to the touch.

Choose A Canopy Style

A standard canopy contains a frame that will evenly distribue the weight of the canvas and prevent the feature from being ripped off of your home during major wind events. A retractable canopy looks similar to a standard one, but it will contain a moveable track along the underside of the fabric. Some canopy systems are battery-operated, allowing a homeowner to push a button when they would like to open or close a fabric covering.

There are also wind-up models that contain a piece of fabric, a moveable track system, and a handle. This type of model will open and close by turning the handle several times in either direction. Choose fabric that is bright-colored and that will add some pizzazz to your home's exterior or a more modest style that features neutral-colored stripes or a checkered pattern. The canopy that you choose can contain stitched edging or a beautiful scalloped border. 

Be Prepared For The Installation

Assess the porch to determine where the canopy should be installed. Although you may be contemplating the installation in an area that is directly above a furnishing that you typically use, maybe you would be better off if you chose a central location or one that is along the side of the porch. You can always move outdoor furnishings after a canopy is installed. If you choose a specific spot for the canopy that is located in the central part of the porch, you may decide to use the covering during informal barbecues or family gatherings.

The canopy will draw attention to your home's exterior and can be used to highlight or complement your personal plant collection, picnic table, shells, vases, or other items that are on your porch. Before the canopy is going to be installed, trim branches or vines that are growing near your porch. The canopy will not require a lot of maintenance, but you will still want to make sure that loose debris or sharp materials are not within range, since these could fall onto the fabric covering.

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