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Fountain Focus: How To Make A Unique Outdoor Fountain The Centerpiece Of Your Flower Garden

If you love gardening, you're probably always looking for creative new ways to add appeal to your garden. On their own, flowers naturally grab attention, but adding the right enhancements can make your garden stand out from the rest. Designing your garden around a unique outdoor fountain is one way to grab the attention of all your garden visitors.

Don't play it safe

When it comes to selecting a fountain for your garden, think outside the traditional fountain and look for something dramatic. For instance, a fountain with a large ceramic statue in the center will provide the benefit of the soothing sound of water, plus, it will be a lovely piece of art. When using a fountain as a centerpiece, you will want to select one that is not only wide in diameter but one that is also eye-level or taller in height.

Choose a fountain that will match your garden style

With the large variety of unique outdoor fountains available online, you are sure to find one that works well with your garden design. A Victorian-style fountain will look elegant in an English rose garden. If you enjoy growing sunflowers and lavender, a bronze fountain will make you feel like you're strolling through the Tuscany countryside.

Color makes a huge difference in how a fountain will garner attention. If you grow a large variety of flowers, a solid colored fountain in a neutral color will provide a pleasing contrast. If you only grow a few varieties of light-colored flowers, choosing a fountain in a rich blue or another color will add the perfect pop of color your garden space.

Design your garden around your fountain

Your fountain needs adequate space if it's going to be the centerpiece of your garden. It's best to plant only ornamental grass around the fountain and save the dramatic presentation of flowers for the perimeter of your garden. Make sure to select an ornamental grass that doesn't grow larger than a foot to keep it from obscuring the view of the fountain.

Keep garden décor to a minimum

A perfect flower garden attracts the eye and makes you want to savor the sight rather than take a quick glance. Too many decorations will take away from the beauty. Less is more when it comes to creating a serene garden.

Choose accent pieces by asking yourself how each item will enhance your garden. For instance, a single ceramic bench will provide seating and will add charm to your garden. A colorful wind spinner will likely be distracting without providing any real use to the space.

There's nothing like strolling through a lovely flower garden to sooth the senses. Adding a unique fountain to your garden will only enhance the natural beauty of the flowers and provide you with a garden you can enjoy for years to come. If you're looking to buy unique outdoor fountains for your space, call a home and garden company today.