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Creating A Fun But Functional Contemporary Family Room

Your family room is the space where everyone gathers for rest and relaxation, but that doesn't mean it can't have a chic contemporary look. With the right pieces of furniture, you can give your family room a fun and functional design aesthetic. Here are just some of the options you may want to consider before heading to your local furniture store.

Modular Sectionals

Modular sectional sofas can be reconfigured to suit your needs. You can typically remove each piece to create a customized setup in your family room. For example, you can remove the middle seat to create a loveseat and side chair for cozy gatherings, or you can move the ottoman to give everyone a comfortable place to rest their feet. One great advantage of this type of sofa is that it can be rearranged for parties, game nights, and other events.

Upholstered Poofs

Upholstered poofs are part bean bag chair and part ottoman, so they serve a range of purposes in your family room. They make great seats for kids during movie nights, and they can be arranged around the coffee table for cozy seating while you play board games. Of course, they can also be positioned in front of the sofa for use as footrests. Look for plush fabrics and modern designs to match your decor theme, and consider investing in one for each family member. When not in use, puffs can be lined up under a window for a decorative accent.

Hidden Storage Coffee Tables

The family room tends to be the space where your family stores its frequently used items, such as video game controllers, magazines, and board games. Adding hidden storage to this space keeps the room tidier while still keeping these items accessible. An oversized coffee table with multiple drawers and cabinets can be a great option. For the contemporary look you want, choose an angular design in a sleek color. White may not be the best choice if you have younger children, but it can be ideal if you have teens or tweens. Black or dark wood finishes are perfect for families with toddlers and school-age children.

Blackout Curtains

Window dressings always add a perfect finishing touch to a room, and the family room is no different. Blackout curtains are a great option, as they make it easy to host movie marathons even when the sun is shining bright. Blackout curtains don't have to be a dark color, so look for fun, vibrant prints. Geometric or trellis patterns can lend that contemporary look you want to the room. Be sure to choose floor-length drapes to create a focal point in your family room.

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