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Pergola Or Gazebo, Which Is Best For Your Yard?

One of the reasons people want to own their own home is to be able to enjoy a nice meal or other gatherings outside in their yard. While you can easily put a picnic table and benches out in the yard for this, there are bound to be times when you will need to have some type of protection from the elements for the event. A simple tent or canopy may do if you only need it up for a day or so, however, you will need something more permanent if you plan on using it a lot. The most common choices for covering an outdoor seating area include gazebos and pergolas. Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are actually different types of buildings. Here are a few tips to help you decide which would be best for your yard.


A pergola is a square or rectangular building without walls. In addition to not having walls, it does not have a proper roof either. You can choose between having a lattice over the top or slats that are inserted upright, leaving space between each one. A pergola is often used to connect two buildings together or to cover a walkway. However, it can also be used as a cover for a seating arrangement. The important thing to remember is that the entire top is not covered. It will provide shade and keep some rain or snow off of you while sitting at the table but will not stop the elements completely. This can be very beneficial in hot, dry areas, as it will allow for some airflow and sunlight. In addition, the top of a pergola is a great place to grow vines, grapes, or other plants that will grow around the slats or in the lattice. The plants can provide additional protection too.


A gazebo is always octagonal or round in shape. Like a pergola, it has no walls. However, it does have a full roof. This makes a gazebo a better choice if you are looking to keep the area more protected from the elements. If you are worried about insects or even some wind, you can hang shade cloth from the top of the gazebo to help keep them away. Some people will have half walls on the bottom of a gazebo and use canvas or blinds on the top half when the weather necessitates the extra protection. This allows you to use the structure year-round regardless of the weather.

If you are looking for an area where plants hang from above or the light streams in, go with a pergola. However, if you are looking for good protection from the elements, have a gazebo built. For more information, contact a local supplier like Aluminum  Builders Home Center