Gardening For Not-Quite Beginners

Are You Getting Your Yard In Shape?

Are you sad that the warm months are soon to be a thing of the past? Even though your gorgeous flowering plants might take a leave of absence during the cold winter months, you can still look forward to a beautiful garden in the spring. From arranging for tree care services to planning your landscaping for next spring and summer, here are some ideas that might help you to get your yard in shape.

Tree Care Services - Before the truly cold months arrive, consider having a tree service come to your house to make sure that your trees are healthy and ready to face the frigid weather. The trees might need to be pruned, or they might need to be treated for diseases that might have been present without you knowing it. The professionals from the tree care service company will have the experience and the training to detect any problems your trees might have. In addition, the trees might need extra fertilizers that will strengthen them during the winter months so that they will be ready for new growth in the spring. Are you wanting to plant new trees? The tree care service can do that for you, and the workers will also be able to tell you the best months of the year to have your new trees planted. Contact a tree service like Mark Crane's Tree & Arborist Services to learn more. 

Make A Landscape Plan - Before summer is totally gone, think of what you can do over the winter months to prepare your landscaping. For example, let's say that you would like to add an outdoor kitchen to part of your backyard. Perhaps you already have a patio, but your patio furniture is not in good shape. Use the winter months to design the outdoor kitchen and to make it a reality. Or use the winter months to make repairs to your patio furniture, or even to buy new furniture. Think of things you'd like to change or things you'd like to add to your garden plan. The days when you're stuck indoors would be a great time to look through gardening magazines to get ideas for next year's landscaping. For example, you might find hardscape designs in one of the magazines that might inspire you to have a hardscape as part of your design. If so, consider making a list of things you'll need to purchase for your hardscape, things like brick, rocks, and planters of different designs.