Gardening For Not-Quite Beginners

Questions To Ask When Purchasing Vegetable Seeds

When you're growing vegetables in your garden and you have limited space, you might find it difficult to choose which seeds to buy. After all, you may want to grow other types of plants on your property and won't want vegetables to take up all the space. When considering various seed packets online, deciding which to buy doesn't have to be difficult.

What Will You Eat?

Begin by thinking of what your family will eat. You may be excited when you discover a plant you've never grown before, but if your family does not eat a large quantity of that type of vegetable, there's no reason to grow it unless you'll be giving some away. 

Where Do You Live?

Try to grow vegetables that are the best-suited for your climate. Otherwise, there's a good chance that your vegetables won't survive and will take up valuable real estate in your garden. Also, there are certain types of vegetables that have the best chance if you begin growing them at a certain time of the year. For example, you do not want to start your tomatoes too late.

Even if the climate is right, the soil might not be. Some vegetables thrive better in acidic soils, while others thrive better in alkaline soil. Also, some plants prefer sandy loam, while other plants want soil with more clay that can hold water in the soil for longer. Also, consider how much sun you will receive. Some plants want partial shade, while others want full sun.

What Animals Live Nearby?

Think about the type of animals in your yard and whether you can keep them away from your vegetables. A lot of backyard animals love to munch on certain vegetables. Research the most popular vegetables for the type of animals you most often see on your property. Also, don't get plants that require too many insecticides since applying insecticides can be time-consuming. Some plants attract pests that can easily be killed with a spray bottle filled with soapy water.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some plants take up much more space than others. If you are living in an apartment, you can still grow herbs, spinach, and a few other small plants as long as you have a window with enough sunlight. However, growing plants indoors can be tricky because the air tends to by dryer inside. You'll need to mist your plants regularly with a spray bottle to keep them moist but not so often that you cause mold to form.