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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Whole-House Water Filtration System

If you are avoiding drinking your tap water or you notice problems like staining on your clothes after washing them, you likely need to invest in a whole-house water filtration system. When you are choosing the appropriate system, there are several ways to find what is right for your household.

Test Your Water

The water filtration system you need for your home will depend on the type of contaminants that need to be filtered out. There are two major issues homeowners can experience with their water. In some homes, the water needs to be filtered to soften the water. Hard water is caused by contaminants, such as minerals, that might leave residue on your appliances and prevents soap from lathering. The second type of contaminants are chemicals and smaller minerals. They can leave your water with an odd smell or taste. You can often determine the type of filtration device you need based on the problems you encounter, but it is best to have your water tested to determine if there are other contaminants you may not notice. Some households need both a filtration and softening system to achieve the best water quality.

Choosing The Right Size Matters

The size of the system you choose will be critical for providing adequate clean water to meet your household demands. If you have a large family, you will need the largest capacity filtration system you can afford. Other considerations include the flow rate for a system. To choose the ideal flow rate, it is best to consider the appliances you use throughout your home. For example, toilets, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers use many gallons of water quickly. Try to find owners manuals for each item and see if they tell you how much water each item typically uses. Think of a scenario, even if it is rare or unrealistic, such as having the washing machine and dishwasher running, while someone is taking a shower and the toilet is flushed back-to-back multiple times. The system you choose should be capable of handling the situation.

Add Disinfection

Disinfecting the water in your home may not cross your mind, but it is something to consider. Since your filtration system will remove chlorine or other chemicals commonly used to minimize or eliminate water-borne microbes, you may want another mechanism to ensure the safety of your water, especially if there is anyone in your household with a compromised immune system. As part of your whole-house filtration system, consider adding ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. This system sanitizes your water before it is delivered to faucets and showers. Since you do not want to remove chemicals just to add them back to your water, the UV system sanitizes the water without chemicals.

Many homes need some type of water filtration system, so it may be worth the investment to have a whole-house filtration system. Drinking your own tap water and avoiding staining and damage to clothing items can offset the costs associated with your investment.