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Create A Beautiful Display With A Gallery Wall And Shelving

One of the most attractive ways to display artwork is on a gallery wall. You have your pieces framed and then hang them in a cohesive collection on a single wall. However, you can add even more dimension by adding shelving, whether it's a picture rail, wall shelves, or even a well-placed cabinet.

Collect the Items

The first order of business is finding items to display. You may already have pieces you've been wanting to display, or you may have a blank wall that needs attention. Shop for items that appeal to you, and match them with pieces that have some meaning to you. For instance, you may buy some pretty art pictures that seem to go well with your recent vacation mementos.

Find Similarities

It's going to be difficult to display a random selection of objects and call it cohesive. You need to have something repeating in your display. For example, Better Homes and Gardens recommends grouping items that feature shades of the same color. You could also start with a definitive color palette and only choose items that fit. Another option is to repeat shapes. Thematic groupings, such as the seaside, always work well, too.

Map Out the Space

Before you start hanging pictures — and making holes in the wall to do so — you'll want to map out your space. One way is to trace the hanging items and tape them to the wall to find a pleasing layout. However, since you're also working with a shelf, it may make sense to lay out the pieces themselves on the floor near the shelving. Place the shelf items in a tableau that looks attractive, and create a fan of the hanging art around them. Play with the colors, textures, and shapes until you have the desired layout.

Create the Display

Even though you've mapped it out ahead of time, the collection may look different once you put it in its space. Again, start with the shelf items. Don't be afraid to add elevation, perhaps with a stand or even a stack of books, to create visual interest. Hang the wall art one at a time, stepping back often to see how your display is coming along.

Add to the Collection

You could create your display and call it done. However, your space will be more attractive if you rotate pieces in and out. Keep to your chosen pattern, be it color, shape, or theme. Look for items in this pattern that can be rotated into the display, such as a lighthouse figurine in place of a shell or a mirror in place of a framed picture.

Give a wall and shelf combo wow factor by creating a beautiful and cohesive display. Look at places to buy home decor items online for more information and assistance.