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How To Keep Your Outdoor Area Nice For Years To Come

A nice outdoor deck is a great addition to any home, because it allows you to enjoy nature from the comfort of your own backyard. The maintenance needed for good deck and outdoor furniture maintenance is a little different from what's required indoors, so let's go over some important topics. 

Deck Cleaning Is a Must

All of the debris that sits on your deck and collects rainwater will slowly erode the deck if it's not cleaned properly. Aside from sweeping away the fallen twigs and other new debris, take some time to really detail the deck's surface at least once a year to remove caked-on debris. All of that can damage the wood surface. Professional deck cleaning is a great option, because properly cleaning a deck and getting every bit of debris can take hours. 

Take Care of Furniture

Hopefully, you have wicker furniture that is resistant to the elements. That furniture will need a wax coat here and there; the waterproof layer isn't meant to last forever on its own. Have wax on hand to do occasional touch-ups of the furniture's surface. 

Cushions for deck chairs are probably your most vulnerable items on the deck. If possible, bring them indoors after use so they aren't stained. Treat mildew with extreme care; hosing out the cushions and drying them with the help of a fan will prevent bad smells from lingering. 

If you know you won't use your deck furniture for a while, you might consider putting it in a shed where it's completely protected from the elements. A deck cover would be nice as well, since a thick layer of snow takes its toll on a deck. 

Consider a Canopy

A retractable canopy is an excellent maintenance tool if you can afford it. It will act as your shield against inclement weather; it lets you extend the amount of time that you can comfortably use the deck. It also provides shade. But importantly, it protects the deck surface and the furniture from bad weather if you forget to cover surfaces. This will make the whole setup last longer without needing maintenance or selective replacement. And, on those beautiful sunny days when you want as much light as possible, the retractable design will come in handy. 

Your outdoor area is built to last, but nothing is impenetrable. Taking these steps to keep your outdoor area nice will help ensure that you get to enjoy it for a long time to come.