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Three Wedding Reception Centerpieces To Consider Making With Outdoor Lanterns

When planning your wedding reception, the centerpieces that you use on the tables are essential. They create the overall look of the reception and allow you to show your unique style in a fun way. When creating the centerpieces for your wedding, outdoor lanterns are often a great option because they are very affordable and versatile. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can use the outdoor lanterns to create unique centerpieces at your wedding reception.

Fill the Lanterns with Flowers

A beautiful way to use outdoor candle lanterns is to fill them with fresh flowers. Determine what the color scheme is for your wedding and then choose flowers that fit into that scheme. Take the time to determine how many of the flowers it will take to fill each lantern and order the appropriate amount accordingly. It often takes less flowers to fill a lantern than it takes to create an elaborate bouquet, so using the lantern could save you a lot of money on your floral costs in the end.

Create a Winter Wonderland

If you are having a winter themed wedding, spray the panes of the outdoor lantern with fake snow on the edges. This allows you to create the look that the lanterns are frosted from the cold winter temperatures. You can then use a real candle or a battery-operated candle in the lantern to create a flickering glow on the tables. This creates a romantic ambiance in the room.

Use the Lanterns to Create Drama

You can also use the lanterns to create a dramatic look on the tables. Have three different lanterns on each table on pedestals of varying heights. Wrap flowers, beads, and crystals around all the pedestals to create a draping effect. Having flickering candles inside of the lanterns to draw the eye up to the lanterns so that your guests can enjoy the total look you are trying to create.

When you create centerpieces for your wedding reception tables, it is important to take the time to consider how large the tables are and what your budget is for the decorations. You want to be sure that the centerpieces do not take up too much room on the table so that your guests still have plenty of room to eat. You also want to be sure that everyone can see each other from across the table so that they can hold conversations with one another during the party.