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Replace Windows And Turn Them Into An Architectural Feature Of Your Home

If the time has come to replace or upgrade windows in your home, do something different to create a unique architectural element in the space. Instead of simply buying the same windows that you are removing, talk with contractors about creating something beautiful instead. Some cool ways to transform your home windows include:

Garden windows. A simple and sensational way to update windows is by turning them into garden windows. These extend outward, creating a nook that acts like a greenhouse in that it has four glass sides and captures a lot of natural light. These are wonderful for home growers and garden enthusiasts and provide the perfect space for any plants or foliage.

Window towers. Create a tower of windows to let the light in where your old window once was. Titrate from small to big starting above your current window, or talk with contractors about extending the height of your window for a more dramatic effect. Your contractor may also have some insight into any reinforcements or support that is needed to accommodate multiple panes of glass.

Eyebrow windows. A common and still-popular idea is to add an eyebrow window under the dormer or eave of the home. This typically falls above an existing window, and creates almost an accent for that window that is simple but charming. These can be shaped to echo the existing lines and windows of the property, or you could choose a distinctive shape or size that makes it unique and eye-catching.

A window seat. Construct yourself a window seat under and near your current windows. Have window contractors lower the sill of a window so that you can sit and bask in the sunshine that higher windows provide. Position a large green plant or small tree in front of the window for an added element in the space.

A heightened arch. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective; have your contractor arch the windows to create drama and to give the perception of a much-larger space. This can open-up a room and give it a vintage flair which can be complemented with crown molding and custom millwork.

Inspire yourself with these suggestions and do something different to your windows. If it is time to update, upgrade and elevate instead! Talk with glass contractors about potential features for your distinct home. Visit this link for more information about your window replacement options.