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2 Decorative Home Additions To Help Keep Your Home's Interior More Comfortable

Keeping your home's temperature maintained during winter and summer helps you stay more comfortable inside your home and also helps your energy bill throughout the year. Keeping the heat out during summer and the cold out during winter is a goal that many homeowners face every day. Here are some decorative additions you can make on your home to increase its aesthetic appeal while also improving its energy efficiency.

Interior Window Treatments

Installing interior blinds or curtains on your home's interior will help you maintain the interior temperature. This is especially helpful on windows that receive direct sunlight at anytime during summer daylight hours. You can select window blinds or curtains with curtain rods from most home improvement stores, and with a screw driver have them installed shortly. You can also hire a professional window blind company to fit and select window blinds or curtains for your windows and install them for you.

In the morning, windows facing east during summer can receive sunlight to heat up your home's interior from solar heat gain. Close your window blinds or curtains on these windows before the sun rises to keep out the sun's heat. Then, any windows facing south, south-west, or west will receive sunlight in the afternoon and evenings. Keep these blinds and curtains closed against the sunlight to keep your home cool.

When you are ready to take advantage of the cool night-time air, open the windows on the sides of your house that did not receive direct sunlight in the afternoon and evening. This will help prevent any heat that your home's exterior absorbed from entering your windows during the night.

Window blinds and curtains can be closed on windows to help keep cold air from seeping through your windows and into your home. Be sure to open blinds and curtains on windows facing the sun so you can warm your home from the sun's rays and solar heat gain.

Exterior Awnings

Installing exterior awnings on your home's windows is another great way to keep your home's cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter. Awnings are installed on your home's exterior and above your window at the appropriate angle to block from entering or allow the sun's rays into your home's windows.

To illustrate this concept, during the summer, the sun is higher in the sky during the day, so the awning will stop it from entering your home. Then, in the winter, the sun sits lower in the sky, therefore allowing it to shine into your home's windows below the awnings and warm your home with solar heat gain.

Use these ideas to help keep your home more comfortable during summer and winter with the right types of attractive window treatments and awnings.